Daisy Turner and Pippa Jacob are Twin Yoga, a Suffolk based double act bringing fun, mindful practice to your mat.​

You can expect to find Twin Yoga combining hatha flow with chanting, breath work (pranayama) and guided meditation. The benefit of having two teachers is that one can lead and the other can move through the room, giving personal attention and adjustments to help each student find their next level.

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Bringing together a combination of traditional yogic asana and pranayama along with natural movements and the science behind breathing, this session will look at ways in which how we, as bipedal humans, stand, sit, squat, walk, wear our cloths and shoes and breath all affect the way we feel. Physical, mental, emotional issues can all be held up in the body tissues and finding peace both physically and spiritually can be incredibly difficult when you are constantly dealing with aches/pains and niggles.

Wibbs’ class will see you exploring alignment and breath to allow you to take something home to help you live an easier life.

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Dawn began her yoga journey several years ago being drawn to the physical aspects of a yoga practice. Over the years as her practice evolved, her love for the philosophy and the spiritual side of the practice deepened.

Jiva Mukti integrates the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga. These vigorous vinyasa classes are themed and supported by sanksrit chanting, music and readings so the practice becomes more than simply exercise. Dawn’s hands-on adjustments will guide you deeper into the postures and you’ll certainly learn something new.  This session is intermediate.

Dawn holds a 200 hour certificate with Yoga Alliance and 300 hours Jivamukti Teacher Training qualification.

Dawn teaches classes throughout West Suffolk including the Self Centre in Bury St Edmunds


Brenda says: “We were made to move, in all directions, with minimal muscular effort or tension. However with life’s happenings, ageing and lifestyle, we can experience stiffness, pain, and poor posture.” Brenda’s approach to movement is encouraging and strengthening every day movement – inspired by Feldenkrais and Yoga (especially Scaravelli-inspired Yoga).

She also loves the workings of the body, so you will find Brenda teaching random anatomical information, which helps understand what your body is actually up to. This Scaravelli-inspired session is suitable for all levels and abilities.

Brenda teaches drop in sessions and courses on movement, breath and yoga in and around Long Melford:




DANCEmandala based on Yoga principles, it is a free flow conscious dance practice designed to release the dancer that lives within each of us, no matter who we are. It’s simple and joyful that not only keeps you fit and healthy but has the capacity to catalyse deep healing and creative expression. The more you dance, the deeper you dive within – what you find is your treasure.

DANCEmandala is for everyone where you can express, release, cleanse, liberate, meditate and enjoy yourself through your authentic movement with very little guidance.

The session:

Come and join Liana on a journey where you allow your body to move unrestricted to the sound of some carefully selected great music in a low lit space to and see what dance can be for you.

Ecstatic: means releasing the ecstasy, the joy, the stored stories, the inner child out through dance.

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Ana is a woman of many talents: BSc Hons, QTS, RMANM, Holistic Massage ITEC Dip, Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage Practitioner, Certified Breema Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner and Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Ana will lead you through a fun, dynamic & incredibly transformative, Kundalini session.  The practice combines movement, breath (pranayama), sound (mantra & music) & meditation. As well as stretching out your muscles, it focusses on supporting and balancing your glandular and nervous systems. Kundalini exercises also clear and balance the energy centres – chakras – in your body.

Ana offers treatments and an extensive range of massage courses and workshops in Suffolk throughout the year, designed for people of all levels in Woodbridge.


Faye says: “Many of my students have come to me having experienced some form of trauma, or from a place of discontent.

I feel that it is my dharma to point my students in the direction of the things that make them come alive.” and



Jenny completed her 200hr YTTC in Hatha yoga February 2018 and then went on to complete her pregnancy yoga (85hr YTTC) in may 2018 with Sally Parkes. As a full time qualified nurse with 15 years experience, Jenny always had the nurturing nature that continues to show through her yoga practice and teaching.

Jenny has a relaxed, fun and engaging style of teaching and she loves to give people a safe space to explore their own self on their path in yoga.

Jenny says “for me every day is a school day when it comes to yoga, so much to learn but a lifetime to explore it and I believe so much in a balanced approaches to life.”


Noelle is Kundalini Yoga teacher who says “Kundalini found me here in these mountains in South Africa. I wasn’t looking for it and I was reluctant to get involved. But then I fell deeply in love with the practice and the teachings. And that is often the way with Kundalini, it’s a Marmite kind of thing. The strong urge to share it with others wouldn’t leave me alone either so I found myself undergoing teacher training with Martha Chester and the Sahej Academy.

I am so grateful for this unexpected and incredible journey. Now I have my own sweet little space and wonderful students who teach me so much.

Classes are held in my cosy secret yoga shack in Ipswich. Please go to my website for details:”